panta o ilios tha bgainei- the sun shall always rise…

On March 28, 2008 by alinaki

sometimes i feel like i wrote everything i had in mind. i feel like i have no more words. these days have been like this. and i wonder how will it be like not writing here again. or when will it happen. or why. too many questions sometimes. too many answers missing.

The sun shall always rise – haris aleksiou

I kick-start my bike;
I’ll leave again; everything is familiar.
I unfold one more truth:
deep in my heart less is not enough.

I ride out of town, the roads wide open.
Let’s see once more what is to happen.
I lay my soul
and all I carry in my purse
is some light and water for the road.

And the farther I travel the more I get it:
the sun shall always rise without
wondering whether I’ll make it or not
or whether you’ll ever come to find me.

My mind is blank,
I haven’t found any solutions yet; everything is open.
I unfold one more truth:
one cannot love out of habit.

The road is speeding and you’re before my eyes;
my heart crosses new bridges,
seeking a frontier to let the light in;
our traces are to be lost one way or another.

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