U can never make a first impression twice

On June 28, 2013 by alinaki

It’s been in my mind since yesterday…
What is the click that makes us never forget a first impression? What is the reason that drives us back again and again? That makes us remember it so crystal clear, even though most of that encounter is blurry? We may forget the words, the names but that first few seconds stick to our memory…
Maybe it’s because we remember the way people and things and events made us feel. I’ve said it before, and i believe in it. And i believe that no matter how stupid, unreal or silly the thought, what we feel about something is actually our inner self’s opinion. It is the uncenzored answer we give ourselves regarding everything. The yes or no.
No matter what we think, or judge or consider…These are filtered through reason and experience and society customs and inhibitions… And we can change the yes into no and the no into yes, but the feeling remains… And that is the first impression.
Is it good or bad? Depending on how much surviving instinct we have, I guess… But maybe that first answer is a lesson we need to learn. Happy ending or not.

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