Who am I?

On February 28, 2014 by alinaki

Beneath the smiles and the small talk, the bracelets, the jokes, the “I want pink hair”, the emotions
Beneath the layers and layers I so carefully laid,
Beneath the fears?

Am I the woman, the photographer, the child,
The happy or the sad?

Am I even supposed to know myself?

And if I did, would I be proud or dissappointed?

Which is the deepest layer? Which one I layed first? Some of them I know, they are the ones that help me not go insane when I saw my world collapsing around me…the ones that kept me smiling when i should have cried.

If I started tearing them off, one by one, the one standing bare would still be me? Or would she be a stranger I carefully hid under layers and layers that became me?

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