How to write about empty pages

On March 16, 2014 by alinaki

There was always sadness inside me. And happiness…

“A heart full of joy and sorrows”- i’m still thinking about getting a tattoo with this quote i found some years ago.

There has always been sadness. Mostly about things I lost on the way, sometimes for the things that never came. Sometimes for my misjudgements, of for my lost hopes.

And there has always been joy. For things I was about to do ir did, for sunny mornings, for music, for the people around me…

Sadness for the things I lost and joy for the hope that things to come brought.

Sadness for the deleted thoughts and joy discovering the new ones.

Sadness for the passed day, excitement about the day to come.

Days become pages that empty in the night to leave space for the new day…

Will tomorrow make me smile or cry? I don’t know. But when the night comes and today’s page is empty, i find myself wondering what words would tomorrow fill instead…

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