On May 28, 2008 by alinaki

sometimes when u drink there’s all kind of questions that come into your mind. like for example that 80 and some years old man that came today at the bank, paid some invoices and stood 15 minutes to relax before leaving. i wondered how long and tiring was the way back home. how sad the age. why keep living? what makes u smile? i think not thinking could help. could help not crying out of depsair for all the time that passed, all the people u lost, all the years that gathered to haunt you. and i wished to be the “not thinking of today, living the moment, ice cold, not caring type”.


a thousand times have i told myself “live today“, and a thousand times i couldn’t. it is not me. me is “live yesterday and fear tomorrow


i learnt a few days ago from a friend what “emo kid” is :)) :)) , well, i am not a kid (except of my mind i guess, that cannot pass that age), but God help, i’m too “emo”.  From now on, i only want clients under 35, sexy, smiling and happy :))


…or the problem lays in the shots of tequilla, glasses of vodka, late hour, the thought of tomorrow working, not to forget to charge my camera battery, and curl my hair :P … it’s gotta be the camera’s battery :D


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  • I hate grey on black writing… I guess U just wanna make me buy a pair of glasses in order to read your post :D

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