On June 20, 2008 by alinaki

today i have a terrible headache…terrible :(

there’s something that’s been on my mind for sometimes but today  i realized it again.

it is so great to see that people around you like  some things that you do.  that there is a small part of you that reaches out and makes people stop for a second to watch. or listen. or think. or feel.

that sometimes you are worth a second of someone else’s life. an instant of their thoughts. and i am not talking about people that love you… cause you’re supposed to be in their thoughts always.

sometimes people surprise you. and you realise that they don’t necessarily need  words to show you that. they don’t even have to show you… and then the more impressive is when they do tell you they do appreciate something about you. even something as stupid as a photo. or when they take a minute to read your silly blog. that minute of their life they could have used for any more important thing.

 conclusion (as it is late, i am sleepy, my head still hurts and tomorrow morning i work): i love it when my friends like my photos, or my dancing. it helps me try more.

thank you :)

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