time as a journey

On July 3, 2008 by alinaki

time is passing.. drop by drop.

sometimes so fast you can’t even realize it, sometimes waiting is agonizing.

there are  moments when you’re counting the  hours, the minutes, the seconds,  when the watch becomes your most familiar enemy. there are moments when time seems to stay still. silent…

there are moments when  you’ve waited for the summer so much that in July you realize you’ve missed the spring. that on the quest for the destination you’ve missed the journey…

there are moments when you are so closed inside that people are passing by you like shadows… and so are seasons. moments when your inside world is moving slower than the rest…

there are moments in your life that are so bad, you feel they’ll never pass. and yet, a day, a week or an year after they look like bad dreams, like blurred black and white photos.

time erase everything they say… and so it is.

and yet, the beautiful things in your life seem to have happened just the other day, you can still feel them, smell them, taste them or touch them in you mind. they look fresh and vivid.

time is passing. want it or not things to happen will become memories. the only difference is the colors they will take. vivid or black and white.

forget the past, ignore the future, live in the present. yeap, i still believe in this. cause today will make tomorrow and yesterday. this is the journey.

gotta go to sleep…


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