People and jars

On July 5, 2008 by alinaki

People surprise you sometimes. After you’ve created a glass jar to measure them and hold them, they reach out and break the boundaries. It’s like they say i cannot fit in the glass jar you’ve put me into. I am more. Like sometimes what they do opens a door that alters the shape. So you move them into a bigger jar, till the next move. And you wonder why you rush to buy that bigger labeled jar to hold them each time they seem not to fit anymore? Is it from the desire to see them bigger? To set a higher level? To accept more space for them to move ? A flower won’t make spring they say… (i know one person who would shiver at the word”flower”:p ).
Anyway.. Is it the urge to see people can do more? strange… 90% of the people would say the other way. Their rush for a smaller jar would be even bigger…”told you so…” i hate that saying!!! It’s machiavellic. To wait for a bad thing to happen just to point that out… To share with poor you their unlimited wisdom… An XS size jar for them, please! …do you have smaller???
me, i would make flexible glass for people to be able to shape it themselves.

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