On July 10, 2008 by alinaki

it is so hard to talk sometimes… there’s this man you’ve admired for i don’t know…like 12 years. even since the moment you’ve met him you felt you’ve met him before, that you’ve known him for always.  you’ve always known him strong, funny, open and so much above all these stupid problems we run into everyday.  in a way, you compare him with your father…you feel he will always be there for you.

and yet he comes today to talk…like you always do, open. yet today he tells it all.  in… like 10 simple words. all the fears… all your future  fears. all the regrets… all your future regrets… all his sadness… all your future sadness. feeling like this, like looking into a mirror of the future, how could i have helped him? i tried to find my words, the best ones, to tell him it’s ok, yet i couldn’t.

i’ll have to talk to him again.

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