the beginning…the end

On July 26, 2008 by alinaki

everything that has a beginning has an end. one of my worst fears.

sometimes a years lasts 14 months. this is how long it takes sometimes to end a thing the second time… to be more accurate about14 months and a week.

so what have we learn in the meanwhile? to be better? to be part of a group? friendship? loyalty? MODESTY???

what have we achieved? some broken friendships? a bunch of lies? how not to be part of a group…or better…how to leave it creating waves, breaking people apart? show how cocky you are? how much better and special than the others? finding whom to blame??? learning to play poker? not dancing anymore?

so how was last night? a normal party, no special lights, just some candles. people dancing, as usual, entrance fee of about 4-8 eur/person including all the drinks in the bar…the best offer ever. some faces not belonging anymore, but with the guts up to the sky…

Disgusting… The king has died…Long live the king.

so, no more salsa club. no more our second home. let’s party. and, even better, us, having left, having opened another salsa school, let’s come to celebrate! yes…

on Thursday the first salsa night in Music Pub. we’ve gotta do it well.

it’s time to wake up, time to gather and act. time to be a school. time to be together…will we?

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