the taller steps

On July 29, 2008 by alinaki

or life is full of “automatism”. we always know how tall a step is when climbing it, we never tumble. when entering a door we always know how tall it is or if we have to bent so that we wouldn’t hit our head. when out for a coffee, we feel with our hand whether it is too hot to drink. when dancing we almost never hit other couples, we are able to appreciate the distances. blindfolded, and the still wouldn’t miss our mouth when eating. we never stick the cigar in our nose, even if we do not concentrate on where the mouth is. these are things, we have learn or have learn to appreciate correctly through practice, and now we never concentrate on them anymore.


and yet, we never know, when meeting a person whether to take a step forward or backward.


we never learn from a bad relationship. we never learn from our mistakes. not repeating them implies deep thinking, analyzing, and concentration. in our lives, there are always “taller step” to tumble upon and fall. and we are never able to appreciate their height. we never feel how close we are to the abyss. we always take one more step. or, at least, not taking it requires concentration.

we seldom “not get burnt” by instinct…

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