my sadness, your sadness…

On August 13, 2008 by alinaki

“i only like the smiles part…don’t wanna see your sadness, mine  is enough, if i wanted some…”.

sometimes smeone else puts in words your own thoughts. when you feel down,  when words are over and every breath hurts, when you would like all voices and questions and opinions and suggestions to go silent to be able to hear sadness and doubt scratching deep inside your soul, when that feeling of despair falls upon you, drop by drop, wet and cold like rain in October, leaving you shivering, when all is enough.. when people are asking what happened nd you can’t talk, you ask yourself…why share with them with  your problems? why put the cross on their shoulders? how would it help them to know? what right do you have to do that? their own problems are not enough?

yes, they are…

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