Toso mou leipei h Ellada!

On August 15, 2008 by alinaki

I had to come again to the Black Sea shore to relize it.

And it is not about the color of the sea, although i preffer the dark clear blue around santoroni or the emerald green near skiathos.

It is about the filthy sand, the chairs on the beach which are soooo many and so close to one another that i don’t think they could have inserted one more.

I am talking about the smells of food, bombarding you on the promenade.

I am talking about parking your car 1 km from the hotel…and it is only friday. I wonder where will all the people that come from Bucharest on the weekend will park???

I am talking about the shitty terraces with sky skraper prices and lousy food and service. God i miss those greek taverna owners always being in the middle of the restaurant, taking care of thei customers. Romanian owners would never ever… They have too much stupid self-esteem.

I am talking about the awfull comunist era remainings of hotels with prices that would make some nice 3* hotels on the greek shore to go hide.

And i am talking about Mamaia, the pearl of the black sea shore resorts in Romania… Worse than Paralia Katerini…

yeap…Long live the Romanian sea shore. I miss Greece so much!!!

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