On August 22, 2008 by alinaki

Sometimes i see ghosts. Ghosts of Christmas past… Ghosts of winters to come.
For a split second i feel i recognize them, the next moment they’re gone…
Sometimes it feels like my imagination is playing tricks on me. Sometimes it feels real. I see them on the streets, in a restaurant, on the sea shore, in my dreams. They’re part of my reality. They are images of my memories, the bitter taste of the past.


I see them around me, just passing by, or laughing or talking. sometimes they look through me, like i’m invisible in their world. They are the reason for a birthday cake, they are the reason i stop to buy fruits or flowers on the street.


They are there and they are not. Surrounding, whispering, breathing. Sometimes they warm my soul, sometimes they send icy stings through my skin. I close my eyes, breath in and when i open them again they’re gone. Like a bad dream they vanish and what’s i see are just the simple things around me that remained from them.


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