On September 11, 2008 by alinaki

“so much beauty in your photos”…someone wrote.


hmm… i love capturing the beauty of my friends. i love showing them how beautiful they are. how i see them… i love showing this to the others.
and it’s not just about the “outside”beauty…


but most of all, i love it when  they like the photos i’ve taken them.  sometimes they are just a part of a story in my photos, a piece in my trying to express something i think or feel through something i am still learning. sometimes i love photos of them in which they don’t seem to recognize themselves. but in some of those the express something.


a lot of times have i told myself lately that i want out of portraits… that i feel i am limiting myself to that. that i wanna do conceptual and abstract photography. and yet, i enjoy so much taking photos of them, that i think i’ll never quit it. and more, i enjoy them liking the photos.


ok. gotta go to sleep.

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