who is Vlad Mereuta?

On September 21, 2008 by alinaki

I’ve discovered last weekend one of the absolute truths: EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMEBODY WHO HAS A FRIEND THAT KNOWS VLAD MEREUTA.

Yeap, that’s true! I have at least 5 of them. The surprise came when I found out I knew someone that knows him in person… and there, in the middle of a salsa party, begun a long philosophical debate about knowing someone that knows vlad mereuta… it was fun, we laughed as crazy, and couldn’t stop. we classified people in levels, before talking to her i was level 3 (knew someone that knew someone that knew Vlad Mereuta) , then suddenly became level 2, and now i wanna be level 1 :) . maybe this autumn if he’ll come to cluj :) . Which is my level 1 friend task to persuade him. So, for about an hour we couldn’t stop, looking around us and concluding that everyone dancing there was level 2 as well :) . It was crazy and fun.

So, who is Vlad Mereuta?… A great photographer and a great writer. I came across his site (<http://www.mereuta.com/blog ), from a picture on <http://www.badorgood.com , exactly on his birthday, 17 june, last year. Loved the song, loved the photos and the writing…

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