On October 4, 2008 by alinaki

We speak the same language.
We speak salsa… Puertorican, cubana, new york, on 1, on 2, we understand each others. No matter the country, the color, religion or political beliefs… On music, we feel the same… From the first “Ta Ta Ta ta ta “, you can feel the rythm flowing through you. You understand it, no matter the words…it’s our language. Maybe some of us are just at the beginning of the alphabet, maybe some are already making poems…we use the same letters. Cause salsa is communicating, and salsa is expressing yourself and getting to know each others…

We speak photography… More or less…
Some louder, some more easier to understand, some with some power to express, while some of us hardly knowing a few words, stil descovering the”b” in “beauty” “c” in “composition”, the “i” in “imagination”.

we speak so many languages, and yet, it is so hard to understand each others… they say “people invented words so that they can hide what they’re thinking”… Is it the same with salsa and photography? Is it the same with all the other languages?

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