On October 15, 2008 by alinaki
you hear your steps in the deep silence that surrounds you… every step, like an echo inside your mind… like a ghost following you, with every step. you look around finding yourself alone on that empty street, feeling a mixture of relief and fear. you turn around and start walking again. it’s just you and the sound of your steps, following you like a loyal dog, and, in that deafening silence, it’s like you’re searching for another one’s steps to cast away the loneliness. from time to time you think you hear them, coming from far away, passing you by and vanishing in the silence, carrying with them hurried silhouettes in a grotesque dance. it’s your imagination going mad, you say and keep on walking. the cold is slowly crawling inside your body, through the clothes, skin and flesh, right in your bones. the smell of the wet air invades you. it’s just you and the streets lights, grinning from above, like telling you they’re not part of anything that’s happening below.
you’re part of your worst nightmare:  winter is here.

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