Ghost of christmas past

On October 29, 2008 by alinaki

Past comes upon you when you least expect it. It  brings back years of smiles and tears, of wondering and learning. Brings that flavor of simplicity you once loved. Maybe for a moment you’ll be able to escape you age, your thoughts, fears ans responsibilities and watch the world again through those eyes. Scaring and exciting at the same time.

It shows you how much you evolved through the eyes of the ones you’ve met at the beginning of the voyage. I was once saying “your friends, my friends, our friends”. how could i explain why i  needed “my friends”? Those people that knew me for ages, that knew me as a child, as a teenager? Those people i feel home with?  How could i explain i need my roots? I need to know where i came from, to know who I am?

How would past fit into the present? How much people change? It doesn’t matter, the bonds that kept them together never break.  It’s hard to build them, hard to trust new people. hard to match.

 So, how much people change? We’ll see…

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