On March 17, 2007 by alinaki

after they passed away, i feel sometimes that these are the only things left. Photos.
some of them made before i was born.
some of them made by me…so few unfortunately.
another regret
i look at them and cry. cause i see their eyestheir faces, i remember them looking at me.
i remember their love, their words and smiles or laughs. i remember them missing me.
i remember their pain.
i remember my grandparents’ loneliness.

i remember their memories… those times that had passed for them, long gone, giving them the same feeling of lost and sadness that is giving me now. and i am afraid to forget. to forget all those stories my grandma told me from her youth. all those mining stories my grandpa told me. and all the knowledge my father shared with me.
sometimes i am even afraid to see the album. cause it always hurts.

and then i think this is not the only thing that remained from them. the photos and some personal belongings. there is us. me, my sister and brother, and my nephew and niece. it is their blood that runs through our veins. it is them. it is true they live through us. and i smile.
but it still hurts.

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