it’s a strange, strange world

On December 22, 2008 by alinaki

we live among people…strange people… so different, so similar. we love words like friendship, loyalty, love, truth, honesty, yet they are illusions. like lying mirrors that break into million pieces at the first touch. And all the glue in the world won’t stick them together again.

people we seemed to know for ages suddenly look like strangers. preferences change as the wind. loyalty even faster… and  it frightens me how easy people switch sides. no regrets…no second thoughts… as natural as breathing… Their trying to prove themselves better than the left behinds  knows no limits…

ironic is that life is circular… one moment they’re here, involved, body and soul, the next moment they leave, breaking free from everything, moving towards something that seem to better represent their interests, only to leave it also, again and again….

yeap, instead of seeking the best interest of the group you’re part of, to work and give 100%, it is so much easier to turn against the ones that don’t see you as the shining knight you’ve imagined you were… instead of hard work, it is so much easier to play the unappreciated…


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