the old lady

On April 26, 2007 by alinaki

i went today to the hospital to see mari. i hate hospitals. i hate the smell, the silence, the order and the white, the pain. i specially hate the silence there. like it is meant to depress people in there. and the smell. god! it is the smell of sickness and of medicines. i hate it. i would go crazy to stay there over night.
and there was a lady, 81 years old. she was so beautiful! she must have been a gorgeous one when she was young. and she remembered me of my grandma. and as we left, walking down the stairs, i remembered the hospital in Medias, when i took my grandma as she was ill once. i remember her when she gained strenght, and started telling the doctor everything the other pacients did or didn’t do. and i laughed deep inside as i was crying. she was a great woman. and a beautiful one. and a strong, and yet so sensible. she lost so much and yet succeeded in “shining”, as a friend said. i wish i could be like her. but i am not.
i never wanna cry again.

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