a star has fallen…

On April 27, 2007 by alinaki
a friend of mine died. i dont’ even know what i could say to be more that this.
it so sad. so sad because of the pain he left behind. not in us, who knew him so little, but in his family and close friends. i don’t even wanna imagine how they must feel, cause it is too much.
i only know i wish it wasn’t like this. he was a great man, great to have as a friend, and i think it was an honour to have met him. it was too soon. it is always too soon. and the thought of never see him again. god!
i hate having friends. and i hate loving people. and i hate getting used to people. cause in the end, on way or another i’m gonna loose them. be it my mistake of just fate, it is gonna happen. and it will tear my heart off. so what is the use? wouldn’t it be better if i just didn’t care? no. cause i love them. and in a way i live through them. through their smiles and and their happiness and through theirsadness, and through their music.
just now my friend called me to listen to buenavista live, from the concert? and what did i do? hahahaha
i started to cry.
“sensible inside “…God! i wish i weren’t.
and i am thinking. are my tears worth it? no.

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