On May 5, 2007 by alinaki
why are we so eager to categorize people?
we put a label on their forhead and leave it there. do we see them from that moment according to it? like the person in front of us doesn’t exist as an individual, but as an item in that category. “ah, she/he’s that type”… this is what we think. personal motivations, feelings don’t matter. only the facts that are common to the other “itmes”. or maybe something is different, but it is only the exception which proves the rule.
it’s like saying to someone “the people like you…”. it sounds bad. it doesn’t matter what you do, feel or think, you have been labeled.
it feels frustrating to know that people are judging what i do through that point of view. perhapes because i never expect it. i never thought of being included in a category. that the way i am put me irreversible on a laboratory glassware with a label on it. am i so predictable? and if i am then am i so easy to influence? my actions? my opinions? what about my feelings?
do i allow it? is allowing then a characteristic of the category i am in? or an exception?
i cannot take this out of my mind. i guess i am too confused and too sleepy now. cause otherwise i would just enjoy everything the way it is, not have these stupid ideas. or maybe these stupid ideas are what are keeping me awake. i don’t know.
i am in the “always confused” category i guess.

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