the smell of summer…

On February 12, 2009 by alinaki

it snowed like hell here today… it was like a Christmas Tale, with Ghosts and everything…well… except for the Christmas…and me, i don’t like Christmas…

So, in spite of the snow that kept falling all day long, of the taxi that was nowhere to find, in spite of the 40 minutes or so ride back home from the bank, it was an almost wonderful day…

it was wonderful for all the white surrounding us…for the memory of my winter vacations in Medias, when i was staring in the morning  at the same unreal snow flakes dancing around…

And i was smiling at  myself  for, even in this genuine winter day, i couldn’t keep my thoughts far from the sunny Greece…i could already breath the warm air… watch the crystal clear sea…the greek music…:) and FRAPPEEEEEE!!!

So, as much as i hate the winter, it was a beautiful summer day for me…well, except for that stupid telephone of mine… :)

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