black or white

On March 5, 2009 by alinaki

life comes in colors…it comes in red, in blue, in green and in yellow. it comes in white and black. so, what’s my favorite color?


the blue of the sea in Santorini…it was the darkest blue sea i’ve ever seen… calm and clear… the color of peace

the green of the forests in spring…against the blue sky, that is the moment i really feel spring has come… for me, greens means life

the orange, and red, and yellow of a sunset… the most spectacular show… the “swan song” of the sun…  “How strange this fear of death is! We are never frightened at a sunset.” – George MacDonald

so, if i had to draw “passion“, i’d draw it in red, and orange and yellow

In Santorini there was a show of colors i’ve never met anywhere else. The houses on the cliffs, the sea, the sky, the flowers…and yet from all the photos i took there (and which i named The Colors of Santorini), my two favourites are “monochrome” :)


i love black… from all the colors. i love it cause it’s simple, and it shows off any other color it stands by. humble yet mysterious. It dows not draw attention, but it lets you examine any piece of  “white” around…or any other color. It makes you wanna see more behind it…to see what’s there. so for me, black means mistery

white… i wouldn’t know what to say about white…never paid too much attention to it…maybe because it’s all around us, all day long…it represents light,

so…if i had to color my universe, i’d put life, peace, plenty of passion, light, and a lot of mistery …but i definitely LOVE BLACK!


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