On March 8, 2009 by alinaki

there are moments to think…and there are moments to do. moments when you analyze and moments when you respond. there’s no receipt for doing it right…there’s only the wish to. everytime your soul and your mind take the decisions for you…each in their turn. at you job, you let the reason take control, in the things you like, the soul is in command…in the decisions you make, there’s always a fight… you tend to listen to what you feel, yet you put it to judgment to make the right choice…

there are moments to remember and moments to forget…or things you remember and things you forget. maybe you indeed erase on purpose moments of  life in order to move on…but it’s when you realize they’re missing that you feel  the pain of forgetting.

there are moments to speak, and moments to keep the silence… even when you feel you’d die if you didn’t  shout the words…those moments when you wanted soooo much to talk…and yet, you didn’t…and you keep asking yourself  if it was the right choice… keeping all inside, and doubting…

there are moments to believe and moments to doubt… and what is less harming? believing something that is fake, or doubting the truth? which of these fears is  more likely to guide you? how will you judge them? by what you feel? or you will analyze, search, ask, dissect, and see the conclusions?

there are moments to wait and moments to act…how long can you wait before it’s too late to act? how can you see it in an instant?

there are moments to stay and moments to leave…i guess it’s the hardest decision you have to make…and the more painful…was it the right choice? only time could tell… but sometimes, time has no patience…

there are so many moments in our life we miss…

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