blind pleople

On March 10, 2009 by alinaki

i’m tired of blind people…people that cannot see past the black glass boundaries  of the their little universe. they look like us…you wouldn’t reckognize them on the streets…they talk to you, even look at you, but their blind eyes cannot see…

i should be searching the net for  tips about interviews… least this is what  i planned as i woke up…

and yet, this is what’s in my mind: blind people. i think there’s no cure for them…maybe they’re happy seeing only the black glass around them, maybe it’s  easier this way. i wonder what they rely on when dealing with the outside world… they don’t trust words…they ask for them, yet don’t trust them…

i sometimes wonder what’s in their mind…but their blank eyes won’t show…so i gave up. i only know that inside there, they must be very lonely, even if (and how ironic this seems to me) they cannot see that either…

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