what’s left of me?

On March 14, 2009 by alinaki

so here’s me… squeezing my scratched heart close to my bare chest… letting you leave…no tears to shed..no words left.. i will not argue anymore, i will not beg. i keep my back on you as you vanish into the distance. don’t wanna see you again… you’ve hurt enough.

years pass…10, 20 or a hundred…who’s keeping the count anyway? from time to time i found myself wondering on the same old streets, in the same old towns, looking for you. and yet, that old saying  “it’s a small world” does not apply to us. i move on, without even realizing, put it all in a closet and throw the key away… you’re just a blur memory now, sweet and sad..


and then, one day, i dream i met you again. that blurred memory  got a face, a body and a soul… you haven’t changed…same beautiful eyes, the same smile that warmed my soul…and me, still squeezing my scratched heart close to my bare chest, still feeling all the pain  and love inside, and yet remembering the hopes, the laughs,  would i have the courage to trust again? would it be different this time? would it be worth it? could i still believe?


maybe you recognize yourself in “me”…it’s not my story… it’s yours. so you, what would you do?

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