On March 22, 2009 by alinaki

you know those dreams that almost feel real? those dreams that make you search in the morning for the gift you’ve just “received”, make you feel bad about “arguing” with a friend over a most stupid thing?

usually, i don’t dream.and yet,  i still remember about 6-7 nightmares…i guess they make me afraid of dreaming.

i remember i had a few times some of those dreams that make you more tired when you wake up than when you went to sleep…those dreams that make you feel like Sisif…

but sometimes i dream butterflies…and the feeling is so real, that in the morning i can still feel the  soft touch of their wings on my face…so i look around, searching for a single butterfly, but there’s no one here…maybe 100 or 2500 km away…so i  close my eyes again, waiting for them to come back…but the day has begun and the dream is over.

dreaming of summer...

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