little friend…or…don’t kill the messenger

On April 7, 2009 by alinaki

“he who gives thee good news thou shall call him FRIEND”

He came one morning… two weekends ago, if i remember correctly. he never meant to disturb, sat still and waited for me to notice him. i don’t know how long he just sat there, looking inside as i was drinking my coffee. the house was silent and the morning…to early.

one moment, i raised my eyes and spotted him…he stayed still as he wasn’t paying attention at me, but to cleaning himself after the long trip. i waited for a sign, a word… nothing. i grabbed my camera and took  a quick portrait, then sat again, quiet, as i didn’t know where to start from…i felt him uncertain, i felt  his fear and yet his curiosity.

hi there” i said, but  he did not answer…nor did he  need to…i knew his answer already, as i waited for it for the last two months or so…”spring is here

the next day, Flo killed his girlfriend who adventured inside…


PS: Yeah, yeah, yeah, i know i should clean the windows, but come on, there’s still one weekend till Easter…:p

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