astrology…chapter two

On April 8, 2009 by alinaki

ok…so what’s astrology… as i am today (well, till sunday night…so apparently i’ll have litle sleep these nights) at my first serious exercise of interpreting a chart, which, to my despair, is more difficult than i remember… a funny thought came to my mind (and for which Firicel will surely kick my ass :)) ):

when a little child is born, the fairies come and put 10 large beans (and about 4 smaller ones) into 12 cups layed in a circle on the floor, each of a different color…and, of curse, different shape….let’s say…RANDOMLY…:p

easy, right?

now here’s the funny part: each bean has it’s own personality (some even retro!!)…kinda little VIPs:) so, they may like the color of the cup that holds them, or not.  And, as VIPs, they may like each other (because of their positions)…or not…theoretically, each bean likes a color, another color makes them dizzy, feel at home in another …sometimes 2…but as they were put RANDOMLY…hmmm…

now…VIPs, remember? Bean 1, which is in a square red cup, feels like falling because of the strong red color, and besides, Bean 5, which sits in that yellow cup that she would have liked is arguing with her…but luckily she has Bean 9 to sustain  her from time to time if she herself wouldn’t be weakened by the constant fighting with Bean 10 which sits across the circle in that big  green cup that should have been her home…

now…from all this web of colors, shapes, positions, likes and dislikes, i should draw conclusions…have i lost you? :P

now you know how i feel :))

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