On April 11, 2009 by alinaki

I remember my discussions i used to have with my father…and i remember them in the most unappropriated moments. each one was a lesson for me, whether i wanted to learn or not…

one of them was about “lessons”… It is said that people suffering from handicaps were born this way because they wanted to learn in this life compassion, love, suffering. maybe they are here now to pay for some sins they did in the past… anyway, they are highly evolved spirits that have a difficult lesson to learn. But sometimes, it’s not about their karma…or about their wanting to learn one more lesson… it’s about their parents karma…and it is them who have to learn compassion, love, being supportive, suffering.

sounds cruel…but lessons are meant for your soul…not for your mind and body… how difficult can it be to see things like that? if we love to dance…and love to learn it… why can’t we give our soul the chance to learn? if the lesson we were supposed to learn looked more difficult than the alternative…what would we choose?

how do we know which are the lessons? it’s not like we have a notebook we brought with us:

  • wisdom…check!
  • loyalty…check!
  • sacrifice…check!

it doesn’t work like that : )

and then? how? my father told me, as we went to buy books at the stands in the University Square: the book that  you will like most at first sight, that’s the book you need. :)

So it is about feeling ..easy, right? but how do you know who rules over what you feel? your soul, your mind or your body? : )

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