06. 10. 2009

one day in Medias

last weekend we went to Medias. it’s been some years that i haven’t been there and it was wonderful and sad in the same time. wonderful to see all those places i knew...

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22. 09. 2009

one more year

so what i’ve been up to in the last past year? pretty much nothing… moved up 2 steps in my job hierarchy – yuppee… shoot more, not necessarily better danced too little got...

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12. 09. 2009

my first HDR

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09. 09. 2009
cutia cu amintiri

cutia cu amintiri

urasc sa-mi fac curat prin cutiile in care tin lucruri vechi. asta pentru ca imi aduce aminte prea mult de lucruri care au fost, si-mi aduce o tristete in suflet pe care toata...

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25. 08. 2009
“leapsa”: the first times

“leapsa”: the first times

got it from Deea: the first word…i think “mama”, and even if it wasn’t my mom wouldn’t tell… my first memory…standing on the terrace with my grandma who was playing with my hair...

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14. 08. 2009

one more day…

i’m caught in the middle. between my world and the adults’ world. can’t find my place, can’t go back, can’t go forward. the adults’ world is too serious, too hard for me. it’s...

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